martes, marzo 29, 2016

Rainy Day Poetry

A better way to make a witch's brew is to
boil the frogs before you add them to the
cauldron.  They will add a pleasing texture, the
effects of which will last
far into the future, causing
gargoyles across the land to come to life and wreak
havoc throughout the neighborhood.
Introduce the frogs to the cauldron gradually,
just slowly enough so that you don't spill one drop.
Know your spell ahead of time,
lest you forget or become confused.
Memorize your spell correctly, each
noun and pronoun in its place.  For accuracy, try
orthography.  Knowing how to spell your spell will help with
proper pronounciation, which will cause your spell to rise above the status
quo.  Avoid useless
repetition.  Be original and unique, and steer clear of
superfluous verbiage.
Try to be extremely concise, and again I say, "Avoid all
unnecessary words."  Be
very, very precise in the
words you do use.
"Xylophone" should be avoided at all costs!
You have the responsibility to use your spells wisely, according to your particular

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