martes, marzo 29, 2016

Cooking, Family, and the Dawning of the Age of the Internet.

Mr. M and I are enjoying our experiments in cooking.  However, we are often stymied at the grocery store, and are forced to ask Google what capers are, or if cooking sherry is the same as the sherry you drink, and would it be with the cooking oils or with the wines.  And then there was the broth.  Oh, the broth.  I thought that would be an easy one, since I knew that broth came in a box.  So we found the broth pretty easily, but then there were two kinds of broth (chicken and vegetable.)  And there was broth and stock.  Was cooking always this hard?  Where was Persnicketta when I needed her?  She grew up in a family that could populate a small midwestern town, where as Mr. M and I both grew up with only one sibling who was much older . . . in my case, grown up and out of the house by the time I made my appearance.  So, thanks to some creative Googling, Mr. M made delicious chicken piccata last night.  We are learning slowly, and rather late in life, but we are learning.  We are feeling like newlyweds.

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NeverAlone dijo...

Such is life in these United States: We have incredible choice and variety; because we are a "melting pot" of so many cultures, we have so many influences coming together into our food. There's a whole overwhelming world right in your local supermarket! And then such a high percentage of us settle for McDonald's or mac n' cheese from a box; isn't that human nature? Glad to see you adventuring and discovering so much along the way.
By the way, let me complicate it more: There's broth and then there's stock; also, it can be vegetable or it can be from any meat source; it can be from a box, a can, or homemade. You can learn about how to do all these things on recipe websites such as (they often have videos to choose from) and you probably know you can learn how to do almost anything on I have a friend who loves sweets and hated to cook, and somehow she got inspired and started cooking paleo and immediately far surpassed anything I did with it. It can happen to any of us! Have fun! Thank you for sharing!

Anónimo dijo...

"Persnicketta" was -ahem- in the South Pacific...but here's my two cents for your adventure!

- BROTH is made from boiling the primary ingredient (either CHICKEN or VEGETABLE in this case) in water, usually with salt (and sometimes other spices) until a pleasant-tasting liquid of moderate strength is created. STOCK is made from boiling down the broth until it has less water and more flavor concentrated in it. CHICKEN is the standard broth called for in most recipes; vegetable is usually for vegetarians.

Congratulations on the cooking experiments! Would love to see the finished product...


The White Wave dijo...

Well, thanks for that. Have a South Pacific coconut for me!