lunes, mayo 23, 2016

A Safe Place for Memories

For the sake of sentiment, and for the sake of my dog, I have to put this sentimental empty carton of heavy whipping cream on my desk, right in front of my bucket (for my bucket list) with some flowers from a friend and a nice card from another friend.  The empty carton used to have a home on the kitchen counter, but twice--TWO times--Mr. M and I came home from a trip to find that the kind and well-intentioned people watching our house had thrown away my special carton, thinking it was trash.  TRASH!!  There is a story behind this carton, one involving a hospital stay, a brother, and salad, but that is a story for another day.  The carton was given as a gift, a remembrance of that funny moment.  I will sleep better tonight knowing my carton will be safe from well-intentioned house sitters.

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