domingo, mayo 01, 2016

Family Memories and Chocolate Gelato

Mr. M and I recently went on a big family vacation to a popular vacation destination.  One night after dinner, his niece and I decided to go downtown for some gelato.  After choosing and purchasing the frozen delight, we went out to the sidewalk and began a serious search for some seating.  We were on a super crowded street.  I was carrying a sweater in one arm, and my handbag in the other, while holding my precariously balanced gelato (on a sugar cone) high above the crowd.  As it was still warm out, I had streams of chocolate gelato snaking down my arm . . . and shirt, and pants, and handbag, and shoes.  I felt like the runner who runs while holding the Olympic torch high in the air.  I'm sure it was a sight, and I still find new stains on my clothes and handbag, but the memory was a good one and the gelato was more than worth it!

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