lunes, mayo 02, 2016

Hostility to Hilarity

From the day I was born, my father and I never quite saw eye to eye.  Arguing and fighting were our forte. A few things bound us together, though:  our undying loyalty to my mom, and a "take 'em to the mat" attitude to anyone we deemed unworthy of my mom's kindness and friendship.  Thankfully, we only deemed one woman utterly unworthy of my mom's friendship; her name was Carmen.  Oh, how we disliked Carmen!  I must say, though, she did make us laugh, and she was the source of much hilarity.  (Hostility, too, but I'll just call it hilarity.)  Sometime early in my mom's friendship with Carmen, my mom mentioned that she had gone back to work when I was still a baby.  Carmen said, "That's why she is the way she is."  Mom relayed this story to me and my dad that night at dinner.  My mom was feeling very sad and guilty over Carmen's words.  I think you could probably see the steam coming out of my ears and my dad's ears as we wanted so badly at that moment to go give Carmen a good piece of our mind.  Oh, were we ever mad!  (I'm still mad just thinking about it.)  As our anger subsided, the hilarity kicked in, and I asked, "What way am I, anyway?!"  My mom laughed and shrugged her shoulders and said she thought I was OK.  My dad agreed.  Hostility can be turned into hilarity with the right perspective, and disdain can knit two hearts together.

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