jueves, junio 30, 2016

What's in a Name?

Last night, as I was lamenting the lack of sensibility in so many young people today, and I was thanking God that my mom was the epitome of sensibility, and I was praying that I would manifest the same kind of sensibility in my life, I thought of changing the name of my blog to "Sensible Shoes."  (Following in my mom's shoes . . . get it?)  However, I have had the name "The Adventurous Life of Mine" for almost a decade, and that name is in reference to a classic book, Wind in the Willows, and the name "Sensible Shoes" would be a reference to a completely forgettable book written by a girl with a major lack of sense.  Plus, my life is not without adventure.  Every day is an adventure when you live with a dog who barely tolerates guests.  Working with kids with special needs is an adventure.  Caring for aging parents and (trying to) cooperate with other family members in that is an adventure.  Getting older with grace . . . and with God's grace is an adventure.  As you can see, I didn't change the name.  I'm still having adventures, and I think that will continue for as long as I live.

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