miércoles, junio 29, 2016

In Search of Some Wisdom

This only took me two days to read, but it was a frustrating, challenging, enlightening read.  This young girl made some very foolish mistakes, and did quite a bit of sinning in her misguided attempts to find love.  She really could have used a wiser woman in her life to shake some sense into her.  It was hard not to roll my eyes at her foolishness, but then I remembered that we all made foolish and sinful decisions before God showed us His kindness in salvation.  Even after salvation, we all do sinful and foolish things.  This girl did a lot.  To me, the message of this book was clear:  there is a great need for older (and everyone's older than someone) and wiser women to step up and help younger women to see how to live a Godly and wise life.  While this book might be helpful for a shallow, lost and foolish young woman, I would recommend, rather than any book, that more mature and wise women make themselves available to the young women in their families, among their friends, in their churches and in their neighborhoods.

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