jueves, julio 21, 2016

Sin is not Static

Yesterday, I watched a movie called Redeemed.  (It is on Netflix, and I highly recommend it.)  It is about a businessman who becomes so distracted by a female co-worker that he makes some really bad business decisions and puts his entire company at risk.  He doesn't have an affair with the woman, he just lets thoughts of her fill his mind.  It all seems innocent, just like so many  thoughts that we let fill our minds.  When someone cuts me off on the freeway, I can get distracted and let those angry thoughts fill my mind, and then I might loose my focus and get into an accident.  Or when someone treats me unfairly, I might let bitter thoughts build in my mind, and those thoughts just fester and grow until they manifest themselves as ugly words that destroy a relationship and cause division.  Flirting with sin is never OK.  It is never innocent.  Don't be deceived.  Murder starts with just being angry, adultery starts with just letting your eyes wander, and destroyed relationships and hatred start when little feelings of bitterness (even when the feelings are justified) go unchecked.  Small little sins grow, fester, and balloon up and mushroom until they explode and make a huge mess that may be irreparable.  (Matt. 5:21,22 & 27,28, Heb. 12:15.)

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