domingo, julio 24, 2016

The Gracious Legacy of a Faithful Woman

 Most Christian strive to be known for faithfulness and good deeds.  I've been blessed enough to know a number of faithful women who are full of good deeds.  This has been a most beautiful gift throughout my life.  I have learned many things from these faithful ladies, not the least of which is that you don't have to be a superwoman to be one.  Their secret is hardly a secret-just show up.  It's that easy.  Just show up. Even when you're tired, even if you'll have to leave early, even if your shoes don't match your belt.  Even if your casserole didn't turn out as lovely as you envisioned, go to the potluck anyway.  It will make a huge impact.  Your faithfulness will be noticed.  When you take the opportunities God gives you, you'll find that He gives you more opportunities.  The women in these pictures showed up for my mom, and they showed up again for me, at my mom's funeral.  I can't tell you the eternal impact these women have had on my life, as I've watched them just show up for me and for my mom and for other friends and for their own families.  Their lives weren't easy . . . none are, but there they were each week at church, some taking care of babies, some teaching me Bible stories.  These women are modern-day Dorcases (Acts 9), and they are my heroes and they model the faithful showing up that I want to do.

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