martes, septiembre 06, 2016

WELL. I really was going to make a serious effort to curtail the number of photos of books that I post, BUT THEN I read that it is National Read a Book Day, so I took that as a sign to urge my friends to pick up a copy of THIS book and start reading it today. (Or you can order it today and start reading on the weekend.) It is such a delicious read! The chapters are short, just biographical sketches of women from the 1700s who were faithful Christians. Perchance you, like me, will be struck by one woman in particular (for me it was Margaret Baxter), and be inspired and provoked to further study. I have found this book (and any Christian biographies from days of yore) very encouraging. It is so fun and awesome to remember that I serve the same God as did these women, and we were saved by the same God, in the same way, and we have pretty much the same thoughts and struggles. So this is my answer to National Read a Book Day. Now what shall we do for National What Can You Put In Your Coffee Day?

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