martes, noviembre 22, 2016

An Exciting Time to be Me.

Of the many passages that I've been meditating on, I want to share this:  Esther 4:14.  Queen Esther finds herself in an unexpected and difficult situation.  She asks her Uncle Mordecai for advise, and he gives her his advise and ends by saying to her, "Who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"  My position is not royal, but it is unexpected and difficult . . . it's a sticky situation, to say the least; but God, being all-seeing and knowing the future, put me in this position.  Good came from the way Esther handled herself and her situation.  I pray for a similar outcome.  I pray that, with God's wisdom and mercy, the way I handle myself in this situation will result in good for many.

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