jueves, noviembre 24, 2016

Playing the Martyr, Telling the Truth.

As I was reading today, I suddenly remembered a scene from many, many years ago.  I was a very young newlywed.  It was Halloween, and a friend of mine had invited me to a small dinner party at the home of a friend of hers.  It would be a small and casual gathering.  I went with my friend, and as the host was introducing me to the other guests, I recognized one of the guests as a guy I had known in our church's high school group.  I hadn't seen him in years, but I remembered the kindness he had always shown me in high school, so I was very happy to see him again.  Upon hearing that I went to church, the host loudly ridiculed me and my faith.  My high school friend, who had long since abandoned the church and her teachings, came to my defense.  He showed me that evening that despite abandoning his faith in God, he had not abandoned the virtue of kindness.  I was so thankful for him that night, and I am still thankful that he stood up for me at that most awkward scene, when I came to a dinner party for laughter and fun, and found myself the target of ridicule and humiliation in the home of a stranger.  I am thankful for the virtue of kindness, wherever and whenever it is shown, by whoever it is shown, and I pray that kindness will grow and flourish in the world.

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