viernes, enero 20, 2017

This very wet and rainy weather is a perfect reminder of why I want to do short day hikes, and I definitely have no interest in any long distance hiking, such as the Appalachian Trail or The Pacific Crest Trail.  As much as I love, love, love reading about long distance hikers, reading about the ice that forms on their tents, the bacteria-laden water they have to drink, the cold soup they eat in the rain, the black toes they get, the bears and mountain lions they have to keep at bay, all that stuff makes me really thankful for my comfy little house that offers not only shelter and warmth, but also protection from wild animals.  It makes me thankful for safe and warm food, and for not having to hike more than 10 miles a day so that I can get food.  This very wet and rainy day is a perfect day to stay inside and read about this guy who has no choice but to hike over 10 miles a day, in the snow, on narrow and scary trails, with painful black toes.  It makes me thankful that I walked to the store last night to get food for today so that I won't have to go out at all.

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