sábado, febrero 11, 2017

Home Plate Hospitality

It's hard to believe that I took this picture just a few hours ago, under a bright, cloudy sky with no hint of rain, and now as I write this, there is a super-strong storm out, with thunderous thunderclaps and streaks of lightening and flooding streets.
Anyway, I went to the store looking for another set of these plates . . . the ones we bought twenty years ago.  The store doesn't carry them anymore.  (I was as shocked as you are.)  I think we have all heard some version of the motivational advice, "Dress for the position you want, not for the position you have."  (Along the same lines is the advice that if you want to work out at the gym, dress like you're going to work out at the gym, and it's more likely that you will.)  I want to be more hospitable-which is quite a feat, since I haven't cooked since 2009-, so I thought getting some extra plates would be a good first step.
I would continue my search today, but, you know, it's raining out and those of us who live in California are afraid of the rain.  Plus, I don't have time because Mr. M and I are having several college students over for pizza and home-made cast iron skillet cookies.

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