lunes, marzo 20, 2017

Dear Persnicketta,

Dearest Persnicketta,  I picked up these two books at Grace Books International yesterday.  As you have seen, our marriage and our family life has changed quite a bit, with more change to come.  My role as the wife of Mr. M has changed.  I now have new and unexpected responsibilities, and Mr. M and I no longer have the same freedom and room for spontaneity we have had for 20 years.  It hasn't been an easy adjustment, and we are still adjusting and learning.  I am still learning to adjust to my new role as wife with my new responsibilities.  That is the reason behind my purchase.  I need to be encouraged by the examples of other wives-Godly wives.  The first chapter was all about Katherine von Bora, Martin Luther's wife.  I can't imagine trying to live a life built on the Word of God when the Bible wasn't even available to most people!  She really had no other wives to look to for advice or example in living in a Bible-based marriage, because no one had a Bible!  I know Mr. M isn't a reformer, or even a pastor, but reading about the lives of these Godly wives-lives so different from mine-is still encouraging.  I am reminded that the trial I am in is no freak, run-for-the-hills thing that hasn't happened to anyone else.  (1 Cor. 10:13, 1 Peter 4:12.)

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