domingo, abril 02, 2017

Let's Chat.

I have so many things on my mind, and I don't quite know how to put them all together into a cohesive post, so I'm just going to share them anyway and hope that you can still find something useful and encouraging in what I have to say.  First on my mind is the great blessing that was today.  After church, Mr. M and I had lunch with the musicians in the college band, and it was so refreshing and restorative to our souls.  We prayed, we ate, we laughed, we talked about worship, and we laughed some more.  As life becomes harder, times like these become more precious.  I've also been thinking about my role as a wife, specifically the wife of Mr. M and the qualities necessary to fulfill that very specific role. As I walked Renee this evening, I realized that my superior spy skills and skills of trickery and cunning have finally become a necessity.  This realization led me to marvel at how God makes us so uniquely suited to the needs that arise in our lives.  Well, maybe I didn't have as much on my mind as I thought, but it still felt good to write.

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