miércoles, abril 05, 2017

Spy Games.

Today is Mission "Nothing is impossible with God."  Yesterday, I successfully used my superior spy skills and skills in cunning and trickery to secretly plant a time bomb in The Target's lair.  The Target found the time bomb, and was-temporarily-furious, threatening us with various threats.  However, just a few hours later, The Target completely forgot about all the unpleasantness.  A few hours after that, The Target once again stumbled across the time bomb in her lair, and once again became furious and renewed the threats.  Today, it will be my job to infiltrate The Target's lair while Mr. M lures her to some undisclosed location.  Once I am in, it will be my job to seek and destroy the bomb and any evidence thereof, thereby restoring peace.  Until lunchtime, when the planned infiltration will hopefully take place, we won't know whether The Target has once again forgotten about the bomb, or whether she will still be mad and all our scheming will come to nothing.  It's not easy being a spy.

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