sábado, abril 08, 2017

V.I.P.-Very Important Post

This is a picture of all the shoes I own.  Top to bottom, left to right, we have my discounted hiking shoes that are a half a size too small for me, but they were on sale, and they got me back in to hiking.  Then there are my very orange running shoes.  I don't run, but someone told me running shoes were the best for walking.  I got these while up North for a friend's wedding.  The first long walk I took in them was in a town called Murderers' Creek.  The other running shoes I got in North Carolina.  Mr. M and I stopped there on the way to see family, and as seeing family requires a lot of walking, I thought it a good idea to invest in a quality pair of running shoes.  In the left bottom of the picture are my newest shoes, a good pair of walking sandals.  Next to those are my Sunday sandals, which caused me to buy a better pair of walking sandals.  I went for a long walk in my Sunday sandals, and promptly decided that if I'm going to do much walking this summer (which I am), I would need better walking sandals.  The black shoes are Sunday loafers.  They look like pilgrim shoes because of the gold buckles.  The last, purple pair of shoes are great for lounging, and short, impromptu walks, and walks in the rain.
Happy Saturday.  I hope you can find such a satisfying and fulfilling thing to do, like photographing and describing your shoe collection.

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