jueves, julio 13, 2017

Finder, Not Keeper

So, continuing my theme of finding things on morning walks, I found this book this morning.  (Just kidding.  The book, and the bookmark, were given to me by a friend in 1993.  I've read the book at least two times, and I've just started again.  I forgot how good it is.  The college and career ministry at my church is having what is possibly the world's largest book club-over 100 people!-this summer.  We all get together to discuss the book.  I just started, but I am so convicted and encouraged by the warnings about moralism-that just being a good person isn't enough to set you on the path to Heaven.  A Christian life begins and ends with Christ.  We must not forget Him as we strive towards the Celestial City.
So the book is not what I found this morning.  What I found was a driver's license.  I took it home and drove to the address on the card in an effort to return it.  The house was set back from the road and surrounded by a chain-link fence with multiple warnings about guard dogs . . . so I left the license in the mailbox.  I hope all ends well.

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