domingo, octubre 23, 2011

Reunification Anxiety

You've probably heard of separation anxiety . . . well, I'm not at all anxious about being separated from our sports car; it's reuniting with it that causes me some anxiety. Mr. M and I drove merrily across the desert Friday, caravanning with a group of similar sports car enthusiasts. We all arrived at our chosen hotel, rested a little, enlarged our posse of sports car enthusiasts, and had a beautiful and tasty outdoor dinner under the stars. We then met again first thing in the morning for a day trip. We all got on the freeway, but our car wasn't doing so well; so we had to get off the freeway. A number of friends followed us to offer their help. I sat in the shade and read the newspaper while 7 guys bent over the engine and theorized as to where the problem lay. In the end, our friends went on without us, and we were left waiting for a tow truck to haul us to the mechanic. We were towed, but the mechanics were stumped, and the sports car expert won't be in until next week. So we got a rental, with the idea of driving home and then driving back at some point to pick up our car. Given time to think (and internet access), we found that it would be cheaper and easier to return the car and fly home. We talked with our posse about our problem, and we were offered a ride home. So here we are--at home. Our car, though, is not. We don't know when it will be ready, what it needs, or how we are going to get it back. We do know that it is a huge blessing to have helpful friends, though.

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