martes, octubre 18, 2011

Thoughts on Jobs

Mr. M and I watched a show honoring Steve Jobs last night. I don't know that I own any of his products, but I am affected by them on a daily basis. Thanks to Mr. M's iPhone, we found out what all the police were doing on the road when we went to see the vet. His iPhone lets us walk around San Francisco and read what other people have to say about the restaurant we're standing in front of. I think, though, that it was Steve Jobs' idea of making the computer personal, and having one in your home, that has been most influential in my life. My computer-whatever brand it is and whatever server it uses-is my hobby, and my creative outlet. It lets me share my ideas and photos with the public. I believe I've reached my technical plateau, and my lack of "iGear" is supremely evident, but I can and do appreciate the technology I have.

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