sábado, octubre 15, 2011

Theistic Evolution

I tried to believe this in high school. I wanted something different, something shocking, to believe in. This belief was completely obliterated one Sunday evening when my pastor was preaching on the literal six-day creation, and he said some people didn't believe that part of the Bible--at least not literally. The simple question he posed to the congregation completely changed my beliefs and my perspective on Scripture. He rhetorically asked us that if we don't believe what God says in the beginning of Genesis, then at what point do we start believing the Bible. Do we choose to believe the Ten Commandments but not he creation account? Illogical and inconsistent. It's all or none. If the creation account isn't literally true then it stands to reason that God didn't literally raise Jesus from the dead, the bedrock belief of Christianity and a belief necessary for salvation. (Romans 10:9,10.)

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