jueves, abril 26, 2012

Dressing Like a Chicken and Losing Your First Love

I am watching a BBC series where a man, Stephen Fry, drives through every state in America. He noted that Americans seem unusually prone to dress like chickens. "Preposterous!", I thought. But then I did some more thinking, and, lo and behold, I do know a disproportionate number of the American populous who have, at one time or another, dressed like a chicken. My neighbor went to his high school prom dressed as a chicken. My friend A spent an afternoon wearing a chicken mask. (I have photographic evidence of this on my Flickr account, the yellow badge on the right.) Also, I have seen several chicken-costumed humans dancing on street corners advertising the services of an auto mechanic. It seems to be a national pastime, dressing as chickens.

On an entirely different note, I was reading in the book of Revelation yesterday, in the letter Jesus wrote to the church at Ephesus. Jesus commended the church members for their knowledge and discernment, but He warned them that they had lost their first love, namely, Him. No matter how much Bible trivia we know or how theologically savvy we are, we must not forget to love Jesus. If our passion for Him grows cold, then all our facts and trivia knowledge are for naught. We must examine ourselves daily lest this happen to us. Jesus wants us to love Him with all our heart, mind and soul.

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