lunes, junio 17, 2013

Celebratory Coffee

After returning from the east coast, I decided I wouldn't have any coffee until I could drink it leisurely, in the relaxed presence of friends. That happened in Portland, where a barista who I will call Superman made this amazing drink for me and Persnicketta. I was then, and continue to, celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God in giving us families and fellowship. I have seen over and over in my life how different families can look, some single people whose closest family is their parents and 15 siblings, some couples who have no children of their own but consider the 300 college students at church family, little families in little homes with 2 parents and 2 little kids, older couples whose kids have long ago flown the coop. Whatever your family looks like, whoever it consists of, 2 things are sure: God sets the lonely in families (Ps. 68:6), and God settles the barren woman in her home. (Ps. 113:9.) We can celebrate His faithfulness every day!

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