miércoles, junio 19, 2013

Summer Goals

I usually make lofty goals for the summer; reading goals, writing goals, contemplative or relational goals. This summer, I want to focus on eating goals. Specifically, I want to make myself very aware of the superfluity of everything in our society (cars, clothing, jewelry, and all manner of luxury and decadence), and I can see this most clearly in food. I have been able to put together full meals out of leftovers for almost a week now. In addition to becoming aware of the amount of food we so often take for granted, this practice also makes me feel more at one with the college students. Thrift is their way of life; it is their livelihood. It makes cents; if I pay for a dinner and I can easily stretch it into a dinner and a lunch, it would be foolish and wasteful not to do so.

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