jueves, junio 20, 2013

Is There No Rest For a Weary Little Dog?

Is this not my home, too? As if it weren't bad enough that they (Mr. and Mrs.M) rearranged my entire living space, completely upending my bed in the process, they have now relegated me to just a few areas of the house. All I hear is, "Do you have to be THERE, Rufus?", "Can't you see we're working, Rufus?", "I don't want to step on you, Rufus." It's not all bad, though. I've been able to explore areas of the house that are normally closed off to me-like the studio and the garage. It seems to me there must be some big to-do here tomorrow night. That is why Mr.M was wiring in new speakers. That would also explain the 15 lbs. of meat Mr.M brought home last night. Tonight, with all the displacement during the speaker wiring, I've had fun playing "dodge the ladder" and "watch out for bits of falling ceiling." I've also heard rumors of gardeners coming to work in the back yard tomorrow morning, at which time I will be sequestered in Mrs.M's office. I did hear talk of college kids in regards to the goings-on here. I'm guessing that, on account of the installation of new speakers and calibration of the projector, there will be a movie, and also based on all the meat and the Ms' counting our plates and silverware, there will be food. Since I will have no choice but to put up with the attentions of these college kids, the least I can hope for is that they won't hear Mr.M telling them not to feed me or let me jump up on the couch. After all, this is my home, too.

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Elizabeth Johnson dijo...

Cute :)

The White Wave dijo...

A Rufus story seemed long overdue.