viernes, junio 14, 2013

Singing With Gloria

I am parched. I would absolutely love a tall glass of water. I can't have one, though, because there is a Gloria Estefan album playing at full volume, and I can't not sing. (It's Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, if you were wondering which one-I have them all.) It has been humid here; so humid, in fact, that we have frogs all over the house. There are frogs frolicking on my feet as I write this. Their croaking adds a nice touch to the percussion of the music. I might consider fleeing the frogs and stepping outside, but there are gnats galore out there, and everyone knows how distracting and unpleasant it is to sing with gnats swarming around your head. So I stay inside singing, but even here there are many millions of flies. That makes it a little hard to sing, but if I swallow a few flies, well, that's what our acidic digestive juices are for. I am glad my music is up so loud, because an unbelievable number of my neighbors are outside weeping and wailing because their dogs, cats, rats and pet birds have suddenly died. I want so much to comfort them, but I really can't stop singing long enough to say anything. Having the distraction of the music is good in this: I am busy covering all our windows with wooden planks to protect them from the ridiculously huge hailstones that we are getting. This covering the windows is made especially hard because of the darkness around the house. I am doing my best, but I've hammered my hand to the wall several times now. I am so busy singing, that my brain didn't register the pain until the deed was done. What can I say? The rhythm got me.

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