viernes, junio 07, 2013

Wheels, Wings and Watercraft

One of my first posts was about my then new kayak. That one kayak has now become two kayaks. At one point, my dad had a double kayak, which we sold to someone in a neighboring county. From my earliest days, I have always been an early adopter of any new form of transportation. Like many youngsters, my first wheels were 3 plastic wheels on my pink Big Wheels. Then I graduated to 2 wheels, and my dad and I logged miles and miles on our mountain bikes. 4 wheels came next in my big yellow minivan that was my graduation present. I loved that car/dressing room/cafe/napping area/study room. That's when I got married and forsook wheels altogether. I got a kayak. My dad got a kayak. My mom bought lessons for the three of us. That lasted a while, and then my dad got me a recumbent tricycle for me (plus one for him with the idea being that we could join a club and ride together . . . which we did.) That was super fun; super dangerous, too. The mesh seat was probably less then a foot off the ground, and you felt like you were going lightening fast, especially when you turned. You were also at eye-level with any big and angry dog, and you had to clip your feet to the pedals so you wouldn't break a leg, so it felt at times like a little bit of a death trap. That didn't last too long. I again went for a 2 wheeled bike. I asked for a beautiful purple single speed beach cruiser for my birthday. It was the most beautiful bike I've ever seen, with white wall tires and wide handlebars. After a few years with it, I gave it to my niece for riding around her college campus. I am currently devoid of any alternate means of transportation. I was looking at ellipticycles yesterday, 3-wheeled elliptical machines that you ride outside. They are a pretty penny (about 8,000 of them), so I find it difficult to justify that kind of expenditure, but I'm still trying. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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