jueves, julio 25, 2013

Taking Talking for Granted

Those of us familiar with the Bible know we should "make the most of every opportunity." (Eph. 5:16.) I think we all know that Paul is primarily exhorting us to share the Gospel with unbelievers, but I think he is also referring to the way we carry on everyday conversations with our families and best friends. I think we overlook the word "every." Every opportunity. When my neighbor comes over to borrow a cup of sugar, that is an opportunity to make friendly small talk with her and start building a relationship wherein there may be an opportunity to share the Gospel in the future. When a good friend from church is ill and there is little I can do, that is an opportunity to be creative and find out what I can do to serve and comfort her in some way. If we overlook these small opportunities, looking only for big and ostentatious ones, we are living unwisely. Jesus shows us in Matthew 25 that only those who are faithful in small things will be given the opportunity to be faithful in big things. (Matt.25:23.) Therefore, let us make the most of every opportunity. May our speech be always full of grace. (Col.4:6.)

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