sábado, agosto 10, 2013

Perfect Timing

The time was 2pm. I was scheduled to meet a friend at the local Starbucks at 3pm. With some time on my hands, I wrote the following post, with the intention of posting it on Monday.

What's in a Name?

A way of life, an entire worldview, that's what! My blog was named in reference to The Wind in The Willows. I liked that all the daily happenings in the lives of the woodland creatures were considered adventures. I want my life to mirror this; to revel in the everyday occurrences of my life, to take great pleasure in seeing God work in my life and in the lives of those I love, to savor small moments of friendship and family, to delight in the unexpected pleasure of running into a friend at the grocery store. These small things make up my days, these small but noteworthy adventures.

So, determined to observe the interesting things happening around me, I set off for Starbucks to meet my friend. We had a lot of good and serious conversation. We spoke about our lives and ministries. We spoke of family and of previous jobs. As we spoke, I found it difficult to focus my attention fully on my friend, as a much-tatooed man right in my line of vision was shaving his arms with a small electric shaver he had just bought. This guy had been at Starbucks for a while, inside at first, and then outside where he took a picture of some other guy, and then he found a seat outside, but he then decided it was the perfect time to go to the drugstore and buy a shaver and shave his arms . . . right there at Starbucks. I tried to give my full attention to my friend, I really did, but you can imagine that it was a bit difficult. I would not hesitate to call that an adventure, though.

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