miércoles, octubre 09, 2013

Adorning The Gospel

I've been doing a lot of reflecting on my youth lately, and counting the ways God has worked throughout my entire life, from the moment I was born (even before that, in giving me the parents He did, and in having me be born in 1975 in Los Angeles.) Specifically, though, I've been thinking about the blessings He put in my life before I even knew him. He gave to me and my parents great neighbors-a Godly and loving family who adorned the Gospel well and made it attractive. Paul told Titus that by doing good and working hard, we can adorn the Gospel and make it attractive to unbelievers. That is exactly what this family did. I loved spending time at their house, as there was overwhelming peace there and always love. I spent hours over there, with their kids my age, swimming, baking, playing, sorting M and Ms by color . . . all the fun things kids do. In writing down what qualities made their home and their lives so attractive to me, it was clear that it was all the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience . . .

Working with the college students, and regularly having them over for a meal, I pray that Mr. M and I adorn the Gospel-that we show in our love for each other and for our guests that living life the way God wants us to makes for a fun and loving home, a place where you want to be. Has someone made the Gospel attractive for you? In what ways can you do that for others, and for whom can you do it? My childhood neighbors didn't know they were planting a seed that God would one day cause to grow to saving faith, but God used their faithfulness and love, and I am eternally grateful.

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