viernes, octubre 11, 2013

The Church in the Wildwood

This is one of my favorite hymns, and I've been playing it on the piano a lot. This summer, Mr. M and I spent some time with our friend who pastors a church in the wildwood. (Valley girl that I am, I don't know what wildwood is, but I picture green ivy and morning glories.) That little church is so appealing to me, especially on days when I am at home wanting to call someone, but my friends are all out working or at the beach or on a camping trip or at the zoo or the pumpkin patch or at any other of the million exciting places there are to go here in the city. I just wish I could live in the wildwood for a few months, and live in a close community of people who don't have a million things to do. Then I remember God's sovereignty. I don't live in the wildwood; I live in the city. The people in my life don't usually have time to linger over coffee and chat for an hour. That's OK; that's more than OK, because that is God's perfect plan for me now. I am not excluded from this busyness. I also do my fair share of running around. And I love my church and am so thankful for it. A life and a church in the wildwood just seems so appealing at times. I'm glad I can go to my friends' church once in a while.

The pictured church is nowhere near the wildwood, but for a city girl, it's the closest thing I had.

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