domingo, marzo 16, 2014

One IS The Loneliest Number . . . Right Now.

Here I am alone at home, sick again on a Sunday morning. Sundays are the worst to be sick, because all my friends are at church, having a grand 'ole time. I have been, again, sulking about friendship this weekend, and thinking about how rare it is, and seemingly unwanted. I am also searching my heart and praying that it doesn't (and hasn't) become an idol for me. Maybe I think so much of friendship because it is something I really have to work for. Some women have careers, and built-in friends who come with the job. What a perk! Other women have kids, another life circumstance that throws you together with other women in the same boat. Having kids at the same school or doing the same homeschool curriculum is a built-in topic of interest; you already have common ground with these women. I love Mr. M more than I can (or at least more than I will) say, but I really think a girl-even a married girl in her 30s-needs girlfriends. Some women I know don't seem to care if they have any friends or no, and that I don't understand. I see my investment into, and care for, my friends, as a good thing, a vehicle for encouragement and mutual edification (and fun things like walking to Starbucks for an iced mocha), but I need to take care that it remains just that-a good thing. It is not the best thing; that is my relationship with God. In my mind, the two are very interconnected, so maybe I need to be better at taking my own advise and praying about my friendships and going to Him with my joys, rejections, hurts, and happinesses.

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