miércoles, abril 23, 2014

A Great Day to Stay Home

This is what I imagine the home of Mrs. Meadow to look like. I have known Mrs. Meadow since she was still a Miss. We were pals before either of us were married, and being a wee bit older and much more mature than I, Miss McField taught me a lot about life, and about the Bible and how to live out Biblical virtues. Most specifically, she, through example, taught me empathy and compassion. She still teaches me that, two decades and, for her, 43 (give or take a few) kids later.

Less than an hour from my home is some beautiful, open country. I spent just over an hour there, yet even that short time was a refreshment for my soul. I thought of Mrs. Meadow and of other friends who live in quiet and comfy country homes. I brought a bit of the country and quiet back with me, not just in the quietness of my heart, but also in a small piece of home decor. I thought about transforming my writing room from its current international and very colorful state, but I just couldn't bring myself to make such a drastic change. I was thinking about my own interior design theme, and I have several: Southwestern, nautical, and country, all inside (and outside) our Cape Cod bungalow . . . in the desert. I guess that all adds up to eclectic. It also makes my home, which is a little slice of Heaven for me, the place where my heart is, where I hang my hat.

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