lunes, abril 21, 2014

We Together: A Joint Effort

Like so many, Mr. M and I hosted an Easter dinner, and like so many Easter dinners across the globe, there were unbelievers there. There were also believers . . . quite a few. These unsuspecting guests didn't know how they were being used to further the Gospel message and to proclaim the kingdom of God. The unbelievers at my house had heard the Gospel, but at that dinner, they were seeing the transforming power of the Gospel lived out in the way that we Christians loved each other and shared our hearts and our home and our food. This is how an ordinary Christian living in America participates in spreading the Gospel, both here to family and friends, and also abroad to other countries. When we interact with missionaries, we are giving them an opportunity to let their neighbors see the love of Christ in action. When we share a special dinner with unbelievers, we are giving them the opportunity to see the love of Christ lived out. Inviting unbelievers to interact with those of us who believe is like giving them a visual aid. It is a way we can impact our families, communities, and our friends with the Gospel.

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