viernes, abril 25, 2014

Angst and Ennui

I have been knee-deep in these emotions for the past couple of weeks. I have no idea why. I'm like another person; it's like the White Wave has become the Purple Wave. I have turned into Mr. Hyde. When I cry (which is ridiculously often), I want to say, "What's going on? This isn't me!!" But then I look in the mirror, and it is me! I have become a living and breathing waterworks. Is it my age? Am I really that sad about the stain on the couch? Have I been drinking too much water? Just WHY? I think something in me-some body part that keeps you from crying incessantly-broke the day I drove to Portland with Persnicketta and cried from Sacramento to Portland. I haven't stopped crying since. I've hardly had a normal mocha-they've all been salty. My best friends, exercise partners, and my piano teacher have all become counselors. I wish I'd have a personal drought.

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Anónimo dijo...

Yeah, no fair the entire state is having a drought and you're having a flood! Thank you for sharing your angst and ennui with such humor. Hopefully the waterworks will abate soon, but enjoy them too while they are present. They are a gift of some sort, and someday I suppose you might even know what this particular gift was for!


The White Wave dijo...

I've started reading some really good, really humorous books, and that had done tons of good.