sábado, mayo 31, 2014

Coffee Shop Review No.2

Petunia Tune and I visited another coffee shop today. The room was cozy, and we sat on tree stumps. It was very cool, even more so since it is in a concrete and cement industrial park. The contrast of the utilitarian gray business buildings with the woodsy feeling interior of the coffee shop was whimsical, quaint, and even a little quixotic. After coffee, Petunia took me across town to help me find a pair of formal looking, rugged outdoor shoes. And we did it! After years and years of scouring every shoe store in the continental U.S., I found the perfect pair of shoes right in my own home town. Good thing, I was just about to give up and start wearing tennis shoes with my Sunday dresses. The shoes, though, weren't my main concern, and neither was the coffee. Miss Tune and I just had a lovely morning enjoying each others company, with the added bonus of a scenic tour of one of our town's finest parking lots.

2 comentarios:

Elisabeth Lee dijo...

Very cute:)

The White Wave dijo...

You can do it in your home town!