jueves, mayo 29, 2014

Rollin' in the Dough . . . for less than a Minute.

I was rich for 2.7 seconds today. I decided to go with a generic prescription over the brand name, a move that will save me almost $200 a year. Hello, good life! Good bye guilt over buying more than one fancy coffee drink in a week, hello to living it up and buying a new shirt more often than once every 4 or 5 years. Those feelings of great wealth lasted approximately 2.7 seconds. That is the time it took me to remember that I just bought a plane ticket to go see my friend in Minnesota. So, in my head, that extra $200 grew wings and took flight. So now I am back to limiting my fancy coffee drinks, and not having anything in the area of latest fashion trends . . . which is OK. I just hope switching from the brand name prescription drug to the generic doesn't land me in the hospital like it did a friend of mine. The hospital bill would be stratospheric, and my finances would be beyond recovery.

2 comentarios:

When a Picture Just Isn't Enough dijo...

You're really, truly going to Minnesota?! When? I'm excited for you and I can't wait to read about it!

And I will pray about the generic prescription!

Alison dijo...

I finally subscribed via email to your blog, but tonight I'm reading a few of your recent posts. I do the same thing with "extra" money... spend it in my head in several different places and then realized it doesn't work that way. If you see MY friend in Minnesota, please give her a big hug from me!! :)