miércoles, mayo 28, 2014


I've been looking into whatever the Los Angeles Correctional Department offers in the way of ministry. I've been in contact with the county prison chaplain through my church. I can offer my free time during the day. I've also been thinking about my church's Special Ministries, ministering to those with developmental problems. However, Mr.M and I are ministering to the college kids, and I want to be fully committed there, and not be spread thin. Plus, the Bible doesn't talk too extensively about different ministry programs within the church, but it does say to be an example to younger believers, especially in the area of marriage and kids-also in purity, good doctrine, a disciplined life . . . single people aren't exempt. For me, though, I have always thought the best place for me to serve in the church would be at my husband's side. What kind of example would it be if Mr. M and I separated on Sundays to go and do our own thing?

I still want to see if there are any weekday ministries with juvenile or women inmates. I have come to realize how differently God sees people. He doesn't see or care whether someone is law-abiding or a convicted criminal. He doesn't care if someone is physically or mentally disabled or if they are fit as a fiddle. Educated or uneducated. Black, white, yellow, red. Rich or poor. Beautiful or plain. Young or old. God sees our souls, and those of the people around us. He sees right through the outer shell, the soul's transparent casing. We must try and see the souls of people, looking past their physical and visible circumstances. This is how the church is to function in the world . . . some Christians ministering to the mentally disabled, some to those in jail, and others to college kids. We can all find our place by recognizing our spiritual gifts, and also by looking into opportunities and needs in our churches.

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