martes, mayo 27, 2014

Discipline, Crime, and Outdoor Patio Parties

Today was a day. Let me explain. I was invited to a surprise party that was to take place tonight weeks ago. I have been looking forward to it. During our weekend camping revels, Mr. M got sick, so he was not going to be part of the party scene . . . which was really too bad, since it was a hoot; everyone was there-The IT Girl, Freckles, Plasma, plus a bunch of people who don't yet have pseudonyms. It was a delightful little party under the stars. It looked just like the quaint and whimsical party scene in Because of Winn-Dixie. Big hanging lantern lights, little twinkling lights in the garden . . . a quintessential summer surprise party scene. Since Mr.M did not want to spread his germs, he and I went to get some dinner before parting ways. He came home to meet me. The first thing he said upon entering our abode was, "Our neighbors just threw a watermelon at me!" I guess some of our neighbors were finishing off their watermelon slices, and they chucked the rind over the wall and vandalized our driveway. We are trying to believe that it wasn't them, but rather a bird who picked up a watermelon rind and spit it out on our driveway. I suppose it will just remain a mystery. Mr.M and I quickly got in our cars and went to the mall for dinner. As we were walking out to find a table in the shade, we saw a girl working at a cinnamon roll shop start chasing down a guy. This guy had just waltzed into the mall (or was he doing a foxtrot?), and stolen a box of cinnamon rolls. Who does that? Was he on his way to a party and realized he forgot a hostess gift, and he had no cash? It was crazy. But back to the party and the fun time we had . . . we had a fun time. That's really the only way to describe it-good, clean fun. This particular party will always remain a sweet memory, and I plan to make many similar sweet memories in my lifetime.

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