martes, junio 03, 2014

Filling the Shoes of Sweenie Jo

Today, I am remembering Sweenie Jo and her example of joy and love. Sweenie was a lady in her 40s when I was a child. I only saw her on Sundays at the little Baptist church where my mom and I were members. Sweenie wasn't married, and she had no children of her own. She wore orthopedic shoes, and she wore an even bigger smile. Sweenie lived with her sister and brother-in-law. Sweenie was always happy to see me and talk to me and watch me run around church in my dress and bare feet. Now it is my turn to be Sweenie to my friends' kids and neighbor kids and the school kids I work with. I never spent much time with Sweenie, so that proves that you don't have to spend a lot of time with someone to make a difference in their life. We never had deep philosophical or religious conversations. What we shared, despite the difference in our ages, was love for God and joy in life. I trust that, as I spend time with my friends and neighbors and their kids, those kids will remember how I loved them and helped them find joy in life.

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