domingo, febrero 15, 2015

What a Difference a Tick Makes . . .

I made a simple decision last Thursday . . . I decided to go for a hike.  Turns out, that decision was not simple at all; in fact, it had a lot of ramifications.  Upon returning to my car, still unaware of the unwelcome hitchhiker hiding somewhere on my person, I found a ticket on the windshield.  I had accidentally parked in a fee area.  I didn't recall seeing a sign, so I called and requested a form to plead my case and avoid the inflated fine.  That was painful; I don't like having a parking fine on my file.  I like to be under the radar, out of sight, not rocking the boat or causing waves.  Not long after requesting the forms, I found it.  That story's already been told.  Today, I was talking to some of my smart friends at church, and they all said that I should see a doctor.  So I did.  I went to the urgent care after lunch, and I brought the tick with me.  The doctor thought I was probably fine, but she prescribed me some antibiotics just to make sure.  I went to the drugstore to pick up my prescription only to find out that, for reasons unknown to me, my insurance doesn't cover a cent of it.  So, because of one simple decision, I now have to fill out paperwork to contest the ticket, pay close attention to my health to make sure the bite didn't cause any serious damage, and I have to call the insurance company this week to see why the prescription wasn't covered.  All because of one simple decision.

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