jueves, abril 02, 2015

Aging and Livin' the Dream.

Many moons ago,  (I've forgotten how many), I started a series on the benefits of aging.  I seem to have forgotten what number I was on, but the point is, is that I recently thought of another benefit:  it is having accomplishments in your past that you can look back on . . . really, it is just having a past, and having made mistakes and having succeeded, and having that store of experience and wisdom and funny stories to draw on and to share.  Always, I have wanted to be a writer.  That was my dream, but I didn't really have time (or enough ambition) to do much about it.  Just after high school, I went to Mexico, and for a brief time wanted to be a missionary there.  Then, I met Mr. M, got married, and figured I would spend my time doing the things a mother does.  I was working at a pre-school when we were married, and then I got a job at the local public library.  I was a substitute bilingual teacher's aid for a while, and then I decided to go into business for myself.  I started walking dogs.  The whole time, I was also writing monthly articles for a local paper.  For health reasons, I had to drop everything-everything-for a decade.  Suddenly, wonderfully, my health was restored and I was able to get more involved at church.  Through that, my name was given to the editor of a womens devotional blog, (http://www.glorybooks.org/womens-blog/), and I am now a freelance writer.  I'm livin' the dream, baby!!  It took me a long time, and the road had a lot of unexpected curves, but I am enjoying my life to the full, doing what I've always wanted to do-and I have plenty of good and bad experiences in my past that I can share, and plenty of funny stories.

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Marie dijo...

More funny stories! More funny stories! ;)

The White Wave dijo...

I'm a collector!