lunes, junio 15, 2015

Emily on her Own

Emily just couldn't shake that guilty feeling.  She was happy for the excuse not to go see her dad, especially not this week, with all of the hustle and bustle of the big county fair, but she just couldn't help but feel a little guilty for feeling so relieved.  She had planned this trip carefully, making sure to fit in time to spend with some friends.  She needed something pleasant to look forward to, a cheery diversion from all the tension she felt whenever she was with her dad.  She had meticulously scheduled her itinerary and seen to every detail.  Setting up her itinerary and packing had kept her busy-too busy to really think about the trip.  It wasn't until the afternoon before her scheduled train departure that the dread of the trip hit her full force.  She panicked, and quickly called on several of her closest friends to ask for prayer.  As usual, this trip had the potential for disaster.  She considered postponing the trip, but decided it would be better to just get it over with.  After praying late into the night, Emily went to bed.  She woke up early, dressed, and ate a quick breakfast.  She grabbed her bags and headed to the door.  Reaching for the handle, her body suddenly went limp and she fell to the floor.  Emily had always had heart problems, and was prone to fainting.  As she became easily fatigued, her activity was limited.  She needed time to rest and recover after every fainting spell, and she could only do that at home.  She was glad for the temporary postponement of her trip, but she knew it was only that-temporarily putting off something unpleasant.  She prayed about this, seeking God's peace.  Was this a blessing or a curse, or a combination of both?  She knew things would be easier later.  Her dad wouldn't be so busy with the fair.  It was a busy time out west.  In just a week, things would be a lot calmer.  Plus, even a week would give her time to recover from this fainting spell, and be better equipped to handle whatever might happen out there.

This is my attempt, first and quite possibly only, at Christian fiction, inspired by true events.

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