viernes, julio 24, 2015

Mother, Matron, Maiden

In writing this post, I had to look up "matron", which was amusing and interesting.  The definition is a married woman, "esp. a dignified and sober middle-aged one."  That describes me pretty well, I think, but I was disheartened at the definition of "matronly":  "like a matron, esp. in being dignified and staid and typically associated with having a large or plump build."  My point is . . . a matron, like myself, is a married woman who may or may not have kids.  I don't.  This childlessness was not by choice, but as I look around me, I consider myself blessed to have the time to spend with my maiden friends, and also the time to spend with my friends who are mothers and the time to pray for those mothers . . . 'cuz, man, do they need it!  I've never had a child for any significant length of time, but it sure seems hard!  And the decisions!  All the decisions.  Potty training, scheduling, milk or formula and how much and when and until what age, and schooling, entertainment, and that's only for kids up to my knees!  There are even more decisions, more complicated decisions, after that.  It makes me all the more glad to be an aunt-biological and spiritual.  I don't know how dignified and sober it is to dress up in a Bigfoot costume and make videos, or sit on a corner with a bag on my head playing the harmonica and holding a sign begging for credit card donations, but my nieces, nephews, and friends' kids will have good stories about their aunt.  Speaking of aunts, I am reading The Mating Season by P.G. Wodehouse, who writes much about all types of aunts, some staid, some nutty, some bossy, all amusing.  The point of this post is to let my friends who are raising little people of their own know that I admire them and pray for them and their kids often.

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Marie dijo...

Hahaha, we DO need prayer, badly :) Thsnk you, sweet, funny friend! :)