viernes, septiembre 04, 2015

A Carnal Legacy

I have written often of the great importance of leaving a spiritual legacy for the next generation-for our sons and daughters, nieces and nephews.  I have written often about how greatly I appreciate the spiritual legacy my mom left for me.  I cannot overstate that.  Wonderful and important as it was, though, that wasn't my mom's only legacy.  She also taught me, by her fine example, how important to your mind and body it is to keep fit.  My mom wasn't a marathon runner or weight lifting champion, but she did participate in several 5Ks when she was in her 70s.  Where I grew up, we were just over a mile from the grocery store.  I don't know that she ever drove there unless she had to buy a lot of stuff.  We were also close enough to the post office to walk, and we walked to church on Sundays-stopping to visit neighbors on the way and sample their fresh-picked fruit.  I walked to school-usually with my dad, who claims that I complained the whole way, and even made an attempt to fix our flat tire with a ball pump so that I wouldn't have to walk to school.  When it came time for me to get a job, I got one within walking distance.  When Mr. M and I started dating, I tried to walk to his house-25 miles away-, but I gave up and called my dad just 4 miles into the walk.  (To his credit, he hasn't mentioned it since.)  I've never stopped walking, and it has become even more important to me as I read about how much walking can do to prevent osteoporosis, writer's block, dementia, bad moods, and all-around grumpiness.  Plus, your neighborhood becomes a safer place to be the more you get out and become familiar with the area and your neighbors.  My mom left me the legacy of the importance of physical fitness, and I want to leave that same legacy to my young relatives and friends.

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