sábado, septiembre 05, 2015

New Business

A very dear friend of mine just moved to a new city.  Her husband is busy at work during the days, and she is home alone taking care of her four young children.  She could really use some friends.  She doesn't have time or energy for a women's Bible study or book club, but she does make time each day to take the kids for a walk.  This is, to say the least, a lonely season for her.  She is the inspiration behind my new business venture, Temporary Treasures.  This service would be known as a rent-a-dog service.  This way, my friend, and the hundreds of men and women in her position, will be able to rent a dog from me, meet some neighborhood friends (or potential spouses for the single people), and then go back to their more carefree, dogless life.  Once I start my service, I expect it to quickly become a nationwide phenomenon.  Please let me know if you have any interest in this opportunity.  If this is the success I expect it to be, I may expand into rabbits, guinea pigs, and even fish-betas, of course.  Get in this opportunity from the very beginning, and I'm confident we'll see great things happen!

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